Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing catch up

It seems that time has slipped away from me again. I haven't made any new entries for a couple of months or so, but I have been creating. Here is a few things I have created after watching some videos on UTube. The artist there are Awesome. I have been really getting into mix media and learning alot of different techniques. I hope that I can inspire you as so many artist have inspired me to give mix media a try. Such fun!!

This is my first what I like to call Junk Art. Not sure what it is really called but you just use alot of different junk and items  you find around the house, in your hubby's garage.

I did not take pictures of the before I actually got started
but this started out with a wooden frame, canvas board insert.
started adding texture and found items, glued them on and
painted everything with gesso.
This was not the actual color I was going for. but
after several attempts to brighten it up this is what
I came up with. Next time I will insert a picture and
then surround it with junk. I did have a picture of a
bird, but it didn't work out. You just have to work
on it until you like what you have created.
I used spackle on the wood frame and embedded paper
boarders, painted and dry brushed it.
I used several different ink sprays to get the depth I wanted
It almost looks like stone. I love the look.

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