Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lauryn's Collage

Lauryn is my youngest Granddaugher.
She calls me Grammy
Lauryn and her Mom and Dad moved to a new house. I wanted to make something for her new room. I decided on a collage. I took an old picture with frame, spruced it up. Painted Gesso over the old picture. I arranged the papers and glued them down. I had a butterfly card and used that to put the saying inside. I painted the first color then dry brushed a couple of other colors. Gave the butterfly a shadow effect. I used stencils, paper borders and ribbon. I found a cute indian girl card and thought that would be cute to put Lauryn's face on the body.

The saying inside the butterfly says
If I had a flower for everytime you made me smile or laugh, I would have a garden forever.
Lauryn is now 3. She was born on my birthday. She is a very funny little girl

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