Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kaitlin's Girly Doll

My Granddaughter Kaitlin is 9 and maybe to big for dolls, but I thought I would make her a Girly doll that she could put on her wall just to make her smile. Kaitlin is a Girly Girl.

I found a mask that was perfect for the dolls face.
I used paper clay which made it very light. Painted the face with Gesso once it was completely dry

I made a neck out of the clay and inserted a dowel to use for a handle

I had some muslin and made a body and arms. Stuffed them with fiber fill

                                               This was the fun part. I dressed her with fabric.
                                            Girly Girls have to have make- up, false eyelashes, Jewelry
                                       Lots of curls, ribbons, charms.     

I made hands out of the clay and of course girls just have to have their nails done.
I hope Kaitlin liked it as much as I loved making it for her.

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