Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art Journal at Roses at my Table

We had to make an Art Journal. I choose a techiqnue that I had used before and liked the looks of it.
This is done with heavy aluimim foil. I arranged the elements that I wanted to use on the cover of a composition notebook. Glued them down, let them dry. I took a long sheet of foil and scrutched it up, smoothed it out to fit the front and back. I took heavy glue and covered the front and back real good and layed the foil on top. cut it fit. I used 3 colors of alcohol ink. After dried I then embellished the front

These are my pages that I have finished so far. I must say art jounraling is very hard for me and completely out of my comfort zone. But I think you need to try different art to find what you like and find the art within yourself


  1. This is absolutely stunning! So creative and beautiful!

  2. You should come join us at We are having a challenge a month and this month there are 3 chances to win!

  3. Thank you Misty, I will see you at the staytruetogod site. Thanks for the invite :)