Sunday, March 4, 2012

Megan's Wolf Collage

Megan is my oldest Granddaughter who is 12. She is really into the Wolves. I decided to do a collage for her. She wants to redo her bedroom in an outdoor theme. I had an old glass picture in a barn wood frame that I thought would be perfect for this collage. After taking the glass off, I noticed the backing was burlap. Perfect for texture. I Gesso the burlap.
                                               I used 4 different colors for the background
I arranged the collage pieces, using paper, different material for textures and Wolf pictures,and stencils.
I also added a Dreamcatcher, I found a wolf button and put that in the middle of the dreamcatcher.
I also found a metal arrowhead. Glued all the elements down

Framed it

This is a Legend of the Dreamcatcher Poem

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