Saturday, November 5, 2011

Altered Gift Card Tin

Good day to all who enter my blog. Thanks for spending sometime with me and I hope you will enjoy and will be inspired by what I am going to share with you today.

I love altering things. I have all kinds of boxes and Tins that I love to alter into something different and useful. Follow me and take a peek at what I came up with....altering a gift card tin.

Altered Gift Card Tin
Step 1.
gift card tin

Step 2.
take the tin apart

Step 3.
Decide what materials you will be using to decorate with

Step 4.
Paint the tin with metallic paint or any metal paint. If you use another type of paint you will need to sand and base coat with gesso so the paint will add here to the metal.
Step 5.
Paint inside edges. The top and bottom of the inside will be covered with paper or fabric.

Step 6.
Alter a small matchbox
Step 7.
Take the box apart,but not the little drawer.Paint the box, I used acrylic paint, 2 coats

Step 8.
Cover the outside of the box

Step 9.
I used double sided tape to put the box back together. I wanted to make sure it stayed together.
Step 10.
Decorating the box . I recycled a Christmas card both the picture and the saying. I also embossed the whole tin. The one thing I won't do next time is emboss the bottom sides, it is hard to open once I closed it, the embossing made a real tight fit.

Step 11.
I decorated the inside and the top of the matchbox. I used an eyelet and brad for the little pull for the drawer.
Step 12.
I added a little tissue paper. Now all I have to do is add a little something in the matchbox, maybe jewelry or some money.

Now that's what you call  12 steps to an Altered Tin Box.
I hope you will try this little project. You can use any type of box, all it takes is a little imagination and looking outside the box.

Thanks for visiting with me today
Blessing to you :)

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